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Reliable Pet Caregivers

The Woofmeets community depends on reliability, dependability and authenticity. To help ensure a successful experience with Woofmeets, Pet Caregivers should use every effort to be on time when performing a service engagement. Remember that pets look forward to these experiences. They and their Pet Parents rely on you to carry out the responsibility to which you’ve committed.

Pet Parents use a star rating system to rate performance for Pet Caregivers. Your overall rating will be affected if you're consistently unreliable, and if Pet caregivers are tardy, or miss or cancel a service. The Woofmeets app also allows Pet Parents to tip Pet Caregivers for good service – remember that the more reliable you are, the better your chances of receiving a tip.

Reliable Pet Parents

Reliability is important for Pet Parents too. Be sure to keep your home access information updated and accurate. Be sure to communicate directly with the Pet Caregiver in a timely manner if they reach out to you with questions during a booking. And if you’re dropping off your pet for a boarding, be on time and respect the agreement you've made with the boarding host.

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