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Home and Personal Security


Here at Woofmeets, we take home access seriously. Pet Parents may use lockboxes to securely store a house key for the Pet Caregiver to gain entry into the home to pick up and drop off the pet. In the event that a Pet Caregiver arrives and is unable to retrieve the key from the lockbox, it is important to know how to troubleshoot and work quickly to ensure that the pet inside gets care on time, and that the Pet Caregiver is not late for upcoming services. [For more information about common lockbox issues and how to resolve them quickly, go here].

We also encourage all users of the Woofmeets platform to keep their personal information safe. Keep in mind that Woofmeets support staff will never ask you for passwords or banking information. If you receive a suspicious call or text message, do not respond and contact law enforcement or Woofmeets support immediately. 

For Pet Caregivers

Pet Parents expect Pet Caregivers to take the appropriate and safe steps to gain access into a home, which includes reviewing the Pet Parents’ notes. If there are issues with accessing the Pet Parent's home, the Pet Caregiver can contact the Pet Parent directly via the Woofmeets app. If the lockbox is not working or the home is otherwise not accessible and the Pet Parent cannot be reached, the Pet Caregiver can also contact Woofmeets through the Woofmeets app, and Woofmeets can also help troubleshoot the issue. The best way to ensure a Pet Parent's house keys are secure during the service is to return the key to the lockbox at the start of the service, to the original safekeeping place, or to the Pet Parents themselves, and to ensure that all doors and entrances utilized for services are locked upon exiting the home. All keys should be returned to their original safekeeping place, the Pet Parent's lockbox, or to the Pet Parents themselves. Any lost or damaged keys, damaged locks, or unsecured entryways are the sole responsibility of the Pet Caregiver.

For Pet Parents

Pet Parents should ensure the Pet Caregiver has smooth access to the home to pick up the pet. As a Pet Parent, be sure to provide information about accessing your home within the Woofmeets app or on our website. The Woofmeets app is the best channel for communication between you and your Pet Caregiver. As a best practice, ensure your pet's profile is filled out adequately, updated as needed, and includes any special details you may want to convey to your Pet Caregiver.

To learn more, please see our Home Access Policy.

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