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Best Dog Walking App: Woofmeets vs Rover vs Wag

M Ahmed

Fri Dec 23 2022

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Which one is the best dog-walking app?

Are you looking for a walker? Finding a trustworthy dog walker can be difficult, whether you spend the entire day at work or experience frequent traffic delays to get home. How can I locate dog walkers in my area?

The top dog-walking apps are really helpful in this situation. Many walkers who live nearby and are interested in doing business with you are easy to connect with. Read more in our review of the dog-walking app.


Can a dog walking app provide me with benefits?

Apps for dog walking are comparable to Uber and its rivals in terms of your location. In comparison to smaller cities and more rural areas, urban areas have more app users.

The likelihood of discovering dog walkers nearby increases as the app becomes more popular. Hey, folks, that’s technology. However, there are other aspects to take into account, such as the cost, dependability, and security/safety concerns of dog walkers. These aspects are covered in our comparisons of Wag, Rover, and Barkly Pets.

Important Information Before Reading Our Reviews

Rates for dog walking vary according to area, level of experience, and kind of pet. Our advantages and disadvantages are based on comments we’ve gotten on each firm as a whole, not just the online pet sitters you can find on their websites. Before using any of these services, carefully read the warning statement below.

Best Dog Walking Service: Proceed With Caution

Despite our own positive experiences, we are aware of numerous disappointments with these services. Many internet dog walkers are uneducated, unqualified, and unauthorized people. Although their passion for animals is what first drew them to this line of work, a lack of training in CPR and first aid as well as knowledge and experience could result in difficult and distressing situations.


Many businesses assert that the hired walkers you might locate on their websites have had background checks done. You may have confidence that your dog walker won’t burglarize your home or have a history of crimes involving animals by running a background check on any contractor. A background check, however, cannot in any other way foretell how a complete stranger will take care of your dog.

Give your pets the same respect you give your kids. Without personal references and recommendations from your trusted friends and acquaintances, would you trust a childcare provider? No. Therefore, regardless of the service you select, we implore you to take the same actions to care for your dogs.


Select dog walkers who have a lengthy history of favorable ratings, go over your expectations in detail with them and make sure they are paying attention.

In order to ensure that you are comfortable with the walker, their schedule, etc., we also advise that you meet them in person before entrusting them with caring for your pet.

Search your local listings to discover someone who better suits your needs if you have any worries about your pet being looked for by an unlicensed and unbonded person.

Best Apps for Walking Dogs

Based on our knowledge and popularity, these are our top recommendations for dog walking.

Woofmeets Review


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One of the top pet care companies, Woofmeets app, charges less than its rivals in this market. The business also links pet owners with sitters who can offer services including feeding, walking, grooming, and administering medication. Their website is the most user-friendly, offers owners and pet sitters round-the-clock help, and all details — including price and availability — are disclosed upfront. The website enables owners to arrange for boarding for their pets whenever they travel, in addition to walks, playing, and drop-in house visits. Pet sitters always have to go through background checks for any criminal offense.

The days and times that your dog needs a site or app tour are up to you to decide. Additionally, each pet sitter has a profile page with client endorsements and other readily available services. You can choose the walker you think will be most useful for you. You can keep tabs on your dog’s activity all day long or track their walks with the Woofmeets app. The app has a push notification feature that alerts every single process. Additionally, it provides reports after each sitting session so that pet owners can get a complete breakdown of a particular service.

A key selling point for Woofmeets app is a reduction in pet caregiver expenses. The company conducted a survey of pet owners who were aware of or had previously used services like Wag and Rover. The authors emphasized that both pet owners and those who provide animal care disliked the excessive service fees these groups imposed.

Woofmeets will charge less for servicing than Rover or Wag. Owners will spend less money on the services that their dogs need. Since they will keep a larger share of their earnings, pet sitters will be able to live more comfortably.

In the US, pet sitters often make $16 per hour. Some individuals earn up to $1,000 each month. At woofmeets, they will be able to create more than $1200 per month. Some people will only be able to support themselves through pet sitting if they work for the company full-time. Wag and Rover’s service costs are the main beef that pet owners and sitters have with the company. Wag determines payment based on a list of the services the pet sitter provides. They do get a 40% service charge discount, though.

Woofmeets will have a lower entry fee. If a pet sitter is needed but is not included in their subscription package, they will charge a flat fee of 9%. The sitter can set a lower price for a few other service kinds, though.

Our First-Hand On Experience


Both positives and negatives It is more popular than other programs, making it simpler to locate a nearby stroll. There are a few places where on-demand appointments cannot follow your dog’s walks using GPS. Not many people have complained about Woofmeets sitters being subpar. If something goes wrong, Woofmeets Guarantee will pay for any veterinarian costs or property damage. Transparent pricing, Walker profiles, and other features are part of the fundamental search and filter. There are iOS and Android mobile applications that let you check your criminal history.

Rover Review


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Regardless of where you live, Rover.com, a pet-sitting service, may assist in connecting you with independent dog walkers close to you. Their website is simple to use, and all information—including cost and availability—is provided upfront.

You can specify the days and hours that your dog needs a site or app tour. Each pet sitter also has a profile page with client testimonials and other easily available services they provide. You can select the walker you believe will work best for you. You may track your dog’s walks on Rover.com, or you can monitor their activity all day long.

Although Rover conducts criminal background checks on all dog walkers listed on their website (as previously indicated), we still advise requesting personal references and scheduling a casual meeting to get to know the individual before entrusting them with your pet. The results of the background check should not be used to predict how they will handle your pet.

Our First-Hand Experience

Over the past three years, we’ve successfully used Rover.com’s dog-sitting services multiple times. They have stayed with four different sitters more than 20 times.

We put a lot of work into locating the perfect babysitter for our needs, one with excellent (and reliable) recommendations. Before leaving our cherished dogs, we performed meet-and-greets at the sitter’s homes to make sure everything was as advertised and that everyone got along. The extra time we took up front was definitely worth it because it allowed us to all relax and enjoy our trip knowing that everyone was secure and content.

Our dogs had tails wagging when they got home, we got many photo updates while they were away, and the dog sitters always extended an invitation to come back. The affection and care they received from Rover sitters were far superior to what we have previously encountered in kennels.

– Michelle S., Canine Journal


Pet sitters decide their own charges, with walks lasting 30 minutes costing as little as $15. Additionally, they demand a greater service cost than Woofmeets.

Wag! Review


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Wag!, another well-liked dog-walking app, has a few nice features that Rover does not. The most notable feature is that you get weekly activity reports so you can see how your dog is doing while you’re away.

Each new hire is given a criminal background check by Wag!, and receives training. Wag! also provides profiles of its walkers, but unlike Rover, you must first enter your credit card information in order to view walkers in your area. Wag! provides extended pet sitting and boarding services, just like Rover.

Cons and Benefits When you hire a walking or sitting service, your house is covered up to $1 million. gives a lock box to store your key but is not as widely used as Rover (but is good in medium and big urban regions). Bookings on demand are not accessible everywhere. Track your dog’s stroll with real-time GPS. You can’t always use your preferred walker (especially with the on-demand feature) to contain activity reports every week. Some customers criticize the business’ subpar customer service; yet, the business donates meals to rescue dogs. Apps for iOS and Android have been subjected to criminal background checks


Wag! establishes market-based charges, with the average being $20 for a 30-minute walk.


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